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Warring Factions:
The Novus Initium Saga

Set almost 3400 years in the future, the descendants of an unprecedented and accidental exodus into the Novus Initium star cluster live out their new lives in a remote part of the universe, unable to return to Earth the same way they came. For millennia, they believed themselves to be the only intelligent lifeforms in the star cluster.

That all changes when strange artificial transmissions from not one but two different races are received near the border of known space, and those transmissions are drawing ever closer to the Republic. Now the Republic must face challenges of dealing with unknown alien nations, a dark forgotten past, new insight into what has occurred to those left behind, and those responsible for it all.

Ship Designs

The following are designs that are used in the Novus Initium Saga. I will be adding more to the list as the stories progress. The top entry to each faction will contain some backstory as well as information on the technology that faction uses. Note that some spoilers will be present in the information if you haven't read any of the stories yet.

NIS Designs


The following the eight complete stories of the entire Novus Initium Saga divided into "Parts." Each part is a chapter of the complete story and each one is linked to a PDF for you to read. I hope you enjoy reading these, but please remember that these stories are my own creation and are for non-profit purposes.

Heading 2

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