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Raptor Destroyer

The smallest of the original trio of designs the United Vitam State created is the Raptor-class Destroyer, a missile ship with enough firepower to destroy a Kingdom ship at any range. While the Lykans favored bulky ships with a lot of firepower, the Vitams by comparison opted for a design with a sleeker forward profile as well as something faster and more maneuverable. Because of the modular construction of the State ships, the Dragoon is capable of fulfilling more roles than just defensive ones including recon and logistical support. The missiles on board can also be switched out for more specific payloads with different varieties of effects. The Raptor comes equipped with 21 light missile launchers for use against destroyers and frigates. The ship can also engage larger slower moving targets such as cruisers, but generally it does so with two or more destroyers assisting to effectively engage such vessels. Advanced missile guidance systems insure that the missiles hit their mark no matter what the payload is that is being launched. This makes the Raptor far more versatile than the Royal Navy’s Stabber-class Destroyer when it comes to the types of ships it can engage. The reason for this versatility comes from the fact that the State knows it is heavily outnumbered by the Kingdom’s fleet and needed vessels that are capable of engaging a larger array of enemies. The Raptor fulfills this role by being able to engage up to a cruiser effectively, especially since the Royal Navy’s cruisers cannot engage anything smaller than a cruiser as effectively. After the issues the State engineers had worked out with the Golem battleship, the Raptor is also equipped with shield “hardeners” that gave the shields better resistances to the multitude of different rounds used by the Royal Navy strengthening its defenses. When a squad of Raptors appear against a small Royal fleet consisting of Stabbers flanking an Impaler-class Cruiser, the Royal Navy officers know they are in for an ugly fight.

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