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Of the three known designs used by the Holy Amnon Empire, the Mecca-Class Battleship is a heavy weapons platform that few would dare contend with in battle despite it being the "middle child" among the Empire's ships. Measuring at 1,646 meters in length, the vessel is larger than most vessels found in the Novus Initium star cluster. It is equipped with 32 particle cannon turrets and 6 forward firing torpedo tubes. Powering the vessel is a standard singularity core that is capable of delivering the power the vessel requires for all of its systems whether in flight or in combat. Unlike the larger Jerusalem Dreadnoughts, the sections that surround the core do not physically detach and move away to safety in the event of a loss of containment. However, the tight design of the Mecca Battleship makes attacking the core or its containment field generators difficult unless an aggressor is attacking from a specific direction. This contributes to the vessel's resiliency in combat. Assignment to the Mecca Battleship is considered a matter of honor and privilege while others consider it a stepping stone to eventually being assigned to the more prestigious Jerusalem Dreadnoughts. Only those who are experienced and show a level of dedication to the protection and enforcement of the faith are allowed to serve aboard these ships.

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