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Muninn Cruiser

The Federation started out with only three types of ship classes before the start of their war against the Dominion. The smallest of these vessels is the 535-meter-long Muninn-Class Cruiser. The Muninn serves as the ship-of-the-line for the Federation and is the most widely seen vessel as well as the most numerous. It fulfills roles that include but not limited to escort duty for logistical craft, support for larger combat vessels such as battleships and carriers, and patrolling Federation space. Aside from the particle beam weapon system the Muninn utilizes, the cruisers also have a small drone hanger that allows it to carry up to 40 drone fighters, 20 drone bombers, or some combination of the two drones craft. Some vessels may be seen in use by Federation law enforcement for civilian purposes. However, these particular vessels use ionized particles in order to short out craft used by those who violate the law, though the weapon’s use is as rare as those that actually break the law.

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