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Vargur Battleship

The Vargur-Class Battleship was the second of the three initial vessels the Federation produced before the start of their war against the Dominion. The vessel measures 1200 meters in length, putting it shorter in length than the Novus Initium Republic’s Paladin-Class Battleship. Like the other vessels the Federation uses, it also possesses the same offensive and defensive capabilities. However, when compared to the Muninn-Class Cruiser, the shields and particle beam output is twice as powerful making the Vargur a heavy weapons platform in the fight against the Tenebris Dominion. To protect the vessel from smaller attack craft, the Vargur also possesses a drone bay that can allow it to carry up to 80 drone fighters, 40 drone bombers, or some combination of the two drones craft. Aside from the obvious role of providing heavy firepower to any engagement it finds itself it, it also serves as a flagship for medium-size patrol fleets and support for the Nidhoggur-Class Carriers in large fleets. The vessel rarely is on its own without a good reason.

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