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Nidhoggur Carrier

The Nidhoggur-Class Carrier was the largest of the three initial vessels the Federation produced before the start of their war against the Dominion. While it measures 1600 meters, putting it larger than battleships used by other factions currently known in the star cluster, it was not designed to be as much of a brawler in combat as the Vargur-Class Battleship. While its shields are on par with the Vargur, the strength of the particle beam output of the Nidhoggur puts it between the Muninn and the Vargur. Its real offensive strength lies in the number of drone craft the vessel carries. The Nidhoggur’s massive drone bay is capable of holding carry up to 320 drone fighters, 160 drone bombers, or some combination of the two drones craft! The Nidhoggur is not seen alone and is always accompanied by other vessels at all times as it serves as the flagship in large fleets.

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