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Punisher Destroyer

The last of the three new vessels based on the Harbinger Battleship is the Punisher-class Destroyer. Unlike the Harbinger and Omen which were complete redesigns of the Thrasher and Impaler respectively, the Lykans were hard pressed on doing a complete redesign of the Stabber Destroyer. Instead they made modifications to the existing design to accommodate the new technologies involved. The main body of the ship was removed and reworked with a similar from as Omen to be smaller and bring the top and bottom sections down to give in a lower profile. The “winged” sections were stretched further out and the new armor components were placed between the central and winged sections. This meant that some but not all of the guns were relocated onto the new armor components meaning the Punisher had few guns overall compared to the Stabber. The designers, however, felt the trade off of guns for increased defenses was more than satisfactory. This redesign also allowed for more powerful engines to be installed in the main body and wings while providing increased protection. The additional bay in the bow meant the ship had three altogether. This was intentional as Lykan developers have been looking into the prospect of small assault craft to complement the Punisher’s offensive capabilities. As for the Punisher’s offensive capabilities, the ship is equipped with 28 280mm twin artillery cannons, 4 less than the Stabber, for use against long range targets. For short to medium range, the ship packs 26 125mm twin gatling autocannons, the same number found on the Stabber. To add more kick at extreme long ranges or for orbital bombardment, the Punisher much like the Stabber is also equipped with two 800mm heavy artillery cannons but these weapons are forward firing only and only have a few rounds. Whereas the Stabber could not remain in prolonged engagements due to having only so much storage for the ammunition, the Punisher’s hold is far larger so the ship can remain on the battlefield for much longer. As for the Punisher’s defensive capabilities, the ship is equipped with the same dual shield system as the Harbinger and the Omen, and its armor is composed of 500mm thick rolled tungsten plates backed by the new armor repairer system. This makes the Punisher far more resilient that the Stabber it is replacing as the Stabber lacked any sufficient armor once its shields were gone.

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