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Of the three known designs used by the Holy Amnon Empire, the Rome-Class Cruiser is the smallest among the Empire's ships. Measuring at 1,290 meters in length, the vessel is larger than cruisers and battlecruisers found in the Novus Initium star cluster. It is equipped with 24 particle cannon turrets and 2 forward firing torpedo tubes. Powering the vessel is a standard singularity core that is capable of delivering the power the vessel requires for all of its systems whether in flight or in combat. Unlike its larger siblings, the two sections that are above and below the core do not physically detach and move away to safety in the event of a loss of containment. They also do not offer much of protection should the shields go down but the lack of sections surrounding the core allow the vessel to be more maneuverable as it has less mass than the larger vessels. To add additional protection to the exposed core, turrets were installed on the underside of the top fuselage providing the cruiser with as much firepower below as above. The Rome Cruisers are the most numerous and the most visible of the Holy Amnon Empire's ships. It serves as both the workhorse and ship-of-the-line of the Imperial forces, fulfilling its duty as a multi-role vessel. Assignment to the Rome Cruisers is the first step of many Imperial officer hopefuls in their military career. They are also used as training vessels for cadets and officer training recruits with special "kill switches" designed for the trainers to use in case of a mistake done by the trainees. These ships are normally easy to identify by their brass colors over the traditional gold scheme.

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