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Taranis Destroyer

The smallest of the three classes of vessels prior to the First Interstellar War, the Taranis-class Destroyer is an effective anti-destroyer platform that was first introduced several years after the initial battle with the Royal Navy. They were also the most numerous ships in the Imperial fleet. The ship is highly maneuverable and fast thanks to the Camino-system interlink that allows one person to assume control of half of the ship’s systems and capabilities. This gives the “pilot” the ability to respond to threats all around the ship quickly and effectively. This includes managing the ship’s shields and nanocell armor repair system and knowing when to manage their power needs. This also includes the ship’s cloaking device when it comes to more covert operations.  The pilot also has full control of the weapons systems in order to effectively engage enemy targets. These weapons include the use of 19 dual light railguns for use in long range engagements and 33 light blaster cannons for use in short to medium range engagements. The ship also packs a large bore blaster cannon for forward firing engagements. It is the only ship with this weapon due to the fact it can turn its bow faster than any other ship in the Imperial Navy. However, this uses a lot of ammo per shot and is only recommended to take out larger targets quickly. This was in response to the fact that the Royal Navy did not deploy battleships in their engagement decades ago and this aided in their engagements against the Royal Navy's battleships during the First Interstellar War were the Taranis Destroyers were also effective against the Royal Navy's Stabber Destroyers. Currently this ship is assigned to patrol duties and as escort craft for larger vessels.

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