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Anathema Frigate

Much of the Anathema-Class Frigate’s design and features is similar to the Holy Lykan Republic’s Magnate-Class Frigate. However, in the case of the Mandate, the overall size of the vessel did not need to be as large as the Anathema would only need additional power reactors and capacitors for the laser weapons found on board. Unlike other Mandate ships, the engineers from the Mandate did not see a need to increase the number of laser turrets like they did on other ships. The reason behind this was there was simply no need to do so despite the laser turrets being small and having more room to add them by comparison. Instead they retained the 22 dual laser turrets making it for more well-armed compared to the smaller Sentinel-Class Frigate from the Novus Initium Republic. This allowed for a few additional amenities to be added to the Anathema compared to the Magnate but those were limited to religion-based than frivolous entertainment. The remaining space was used for additional cargo storage meaning that the Anathema could remain deployed on missions for longer than the Magnate could without resupply.

Much like the Magnate, the debate of whether this is more of a heavy frigate, an assault frigate, or a light destroyer is still being discussed in certain circles. However, the Mandate follows the same way of thinking as the Lykans do in the design, but see it more of a deterrent against those that would threaten the safety and security of their semi-autonomous nation.

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