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Naglfar Dreadnought

When the Federation engineers designed the Hel-Class Supercarrier, they knew that they did not want the vessel to be like the Dominion’s Mammoth which serves as both a carrier and a dreadnought. Therefore, using the same hull design as the Hel, the engineers developed a separate dreadnought to combat the Mammoth and its firepower. Removing the drone bays, the communication spires, and reversing the color scheme to easily identify the vessel, the Naglfar-Class Dreadnought as it was soon called came equipped with large particle emitters on the bow, ventral, dorsal, port, and starboard sides. These emitters pour a massive amount of particles into a large electromagnetic bubble and can “fire” it with a strength similar to the Mammoth’s heavy particle cannon. However, while the Naglfar has smaller emitters to engage other targets, the massive emitters can fire 50% faster than the Mammoth due to its specialized role to only fire such beams than being a jack-of-all-trades like the Mammoth. The Naglfar has more particle generators to fulfill that role. However, should the Naglfar be destroyed, it would be similar to a massive nuclear bomb going off causing damage and destruction to surrounding vessels. Since there are no drone bays aboard the Naglfar, the dreadnought must rely on other vessels for support against smaller craft such as Dominion fighters and bombers.

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