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Omen Battlecruiser

The second vessel to be based on the aspects of the Harbinger Battleship is the Omen-class Battlecruiser. Based on and improving the existing Impaler Cruiser, the Omen's design was completely reworked using scaled down components of the Harbinger's newer components to allow for thicker armor and resiliency on the battlefield. The increased size based on these new components have altered the classification of the vessel to become a battlecruiser instead of a cruiser, but the Lykans see no problem with this classification as the armaments also put it more toe-to-toe with other cruisers from other nations. The defenses of the Omen include a primary and secondary shield system, and the armor is composed of 1000mm thick rolled tungsten plates backed by the new armor repairer system. This makes the Omen a far more resilient vessel on the battlefield compared to the Impaler Cruisers it was replacing which lacked thick armor. Among the Omen's armaments, the ship is equipped with 12 650mm four-barrel artillery cannons, 4 more than the Impaler, for long range assault against other ships of its class. While the Impaler was designed to engage cruisers only, the Omen by comparison was designed to engage frigates and destroyers as well with its impressive array of 38 220mm dual autocannons, 16 more than the Impaler, for use in short to medium range engagements with increased tracking abilities. This makes the Omen a beast to engage in close combat against other cruisers, destroyers, and frigates. When this ship was first introduced, the United Vitam State gave it the nickname "Bad Omen," a term the Lykans have yet to determine if appropriate or not.

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