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The following is an exert from an android known as Bilartini about the Holy Amnon Empire. This information has not been fact checked at this time:

While Humanity knows the reason of why they left the Sol System, there are those who have yet to find answers as to how or why Luna disappeared through a wormhole. However, some fanatical scientists had learned that the crystals found on Luna were responsible for the creation of the wormhole that took Luna away. The only crystals that remained in Humanity’s possession were stored in a secure facility in the nation’s capital in the Vega star system. In early 2699 AD, reports were discovered that one of those scientists managed to get access to those crystals, stating they were for scientific purposes, and transported them to a newly built colony vessel bound for a new world that was recently terraformed with over 2 million hybrid citizens on board. Before law enforcement could act, the scientist and his few associates energized the crystals on the colony ship in the hope that they would be transported to where Luna was located. As law enforcement arrived, the wormhole that formed in front of the colony vessel had drawn the colony vessel in, closing almost immediately. No escape pods from the colony vessel were found in the area, and their fate remained unknown.


The Hybrids of the NUG viewed this action as a terrorist act against Hybrids as a Human was responsible for performing a test on that many Hybrids. While Human elements of the government were quick to point out that this was the act of a group that was not affiliated with the government, more radical elements among the Hybrids did not believe the Humans, pointing out that more Hybrids were lost than those Humans who were on Luna. Not wanting to hear any more of the “lies” the Humans were putting out there about the lost colony vessel, they resorted to a coordinated attack on several Human-run government buildings on multiple worlds. Humans who have long since had racial tendencies against Hybrids began to bomb residential areas with high concentrations of or were completely occupied by the Hybrids. The government had lost complete control as the attacks resulted in a civil war that lasted over eight months before another faction within NUG controlled space became involved.


In the system known as Asahel, formerly the HR 8832 System of the old designation, a large colony world known as Amnon was far from the civil war that erupted and for various reasons. The largest reason is that the planet was the home of the largest concentration of religious followers in the NUG, populated by those Humans and Hybrids that followed the Amnon Faith which combines elements of Christian, Judaism, and Muslim religions into a hybrid religion. The core belief of the Amnon Faith is that God had punished Humanity for their pride and the mutilation via terraforming of Luna by taking away the moon. This forced Humanity to leave their planet and struggle with the sin they had done. The civil war that was occurring was another punishment by God for mutilating more of his worlds without following his Word. Only those on Amnon, who prayed to God for the terraforming and blessing of the planet, found themselves spared of the civil war as no ship from either side had made their way to their world. Ships in orbit were commanded by Amnon faithful as part of their defense fleet.


However, that did not mean that the citizens of Amnon did not have a hand in what was to come. Long believing that Humanity was corrupt, fueled further by the creation of the Hybrids as another of Humanity’s abomination of God’s creations but do not hold the Hybrids responsible of that fact, “agents of the Faith” put themselves into positions to help bring down the NUG in the “name of their God.” This included infiltrating government, military, and research departments to plant the means to disrupt the activities of those departments when needed. Those activities included but were not limited to computer backdoors, sabotage of communications, and remote detonation of reactors on planets, stations, and ships. All of this required the transmission of a simple command that would reduce the NUG back to the Stone Age regardless if they were Human or Hybrid, isolated and forced to start from scratch. Only Amnon and those faithful to the Faith would be spared of this act along with their information and technology.


That command was given on midnight of January 1, 2700 AD. Almost immediately, every reactor self-destructed, causing nuclear fallout on every planet under the control of the NUG including the original colonies on Mars. Every ship exploded regardless if they were military or civilian. The government was cut off from all communications with every colony world and agency. Hundreds of millions of citizens died in the initial devastation with many more in the following months from fallout. For all intents and purposes, the NUG was no more. Technology was no longer functioning from the EMP blasts of the reactors exploding along with the deaths of many with advance knowledge that could have helped restore society. On those planets that were mostly spared from those effects, they found their computer systems wiped, resulting in the shutdown of utilities and amenities. Any debris from ships and stations soon fell from orbit on all the planets, causing an extinction effect like what happened to the dinosaurs on Earth millions of years ago. Any Humans and Hybrids that survived would find themselves few in their numbers, resorting to basic instincts and survival skills for them to survive this disaster. The knowledge of the New Unity Government, basic schooling, and even the history of Earth would only live on in printed media such as books and word of mouth, the former in noticeably short supply and the latter was extremely limited due to the technological age.


The Amnon, the term used for those faithful who inhabit their planet are now calling themselves regardless if they were Human or Hybrid, felt accomplished in the divine justice they have brought to the unfaithful of the NUG. Not wanting to feel pride for their actions, they begged for forgiveness and continued to ask God for his divine blessing in creating a new government that would adhere to his will. It was soon decided by the Amnon that the current head of the Faith, the Pope Kimberly Thomas, would be made Pope Empress Kimberly the First, the first head of the new Amnon Empire and the Amnon Faith. Pope Kimberly accepted the position after deep meditation with God for one week.


As the head of the new Amnon Empire, Pope Empress Kimberly I (read as “The First”) began to establish the government based on the combined histories of those nations that were once ruled by faith. One of the first government bodies she created was the Cardinal Council, consisting of those that were nominated as heads of several government ministries, namely the Ministries of Education, Faith, Transportation, Defense, Commerce, and Internal Affairs, among others that would be created when needed. They are also responsible for the creation and enactment of new laws and ordinances that would be approved by the Pope Empress or Emperor. A new Pope Emperor or Empress will be chosen from this council as those who have dedicated their lives in service to the Faith cannot have families. The military would be run by the Ministry of Defense who will select the Grand Admiral of the Fleet to follow the will of the Council and the orders of the Pope Empress or Emperor. A Theological Court and Civil Court were also created to handle religious and civil cases, respectively.

For the average citizen, many of the rights held by the NUG were retained, but several were deemed destructive and were not implemented. These included the right to free speech, the right to bear arms, and the right to vote. Much of these would be detrimental to the Faith and would result in the chaos that enveloped the NUG. Citizens of the Amnon Empire would not be segregated between Humans and Hybrids as they are all viewed as Amnon and as God’s creations. The Council also did not want a repeat of the NUG civil war that was caused by their differences. However, to prevent the dilution or mixing of Human and Hybrid DNA, there would be no interracial marriages between them. All marriages would be held in a church or chapel of God. Divorces, abortions, and same-sex marriages were illegal and an affront to God and his Word.


Another aspect of Imperial culture that was different compared to the NUG culture is the method of entertainment. With religion being the forefront of the Imperial culture including daily prayer, most forms of entertainment would now come from art and theater depicting scriptural references, though this took time to develop and create. Anything that is televised through monitors and terminals are generally the reading of scriptures from the old books of the Faith’s base religions, though told in a way as to not promote revolution or rebellion depending on the text unless to reflect punishment for not following the laws of the Empire. Music is also created through organs, pianos, string instruments, horns, and vocals. Other instruments can be used but only when the music calls for their use.


There are those among the citizens that have asked what the Empire would do about those worlds that once were part of the NUG and should they explore or contact those worlds. Pope Empress Kimberly I decreed that those of sin on those worlds will need time to repent for their transgressions against God and his creations. She set a date of January 1, 4000 AD, one thousand and three hundred years in the future. The Empire needed time to become stronger for its citizens, culture, government, and technology. Some of the advance technology made by the NUG was lost, but the rest were still available to them including ships to research, create, and advance. Once the Empire was ready after that many years, they will go forth to the worlds that once belonged to the “sinners” and bring them under the light of God. One edict that Pope Empress Kimberly I did not bring up in public but only to the Cardinal Council is that when the Empire explores those worlds, any survivors are to be enslaved to work off the sins of their forefathers. One day, those sins would be worked off and they will be able to rejoin the proper and faithful society of the Amnon Empire. While Pope Empress Kimberly I would never live to see that day, she knew that this would be the best course of action to prevent rebellion or a revolt in the future, provided no one gives them the means or the reason to revolt.


Over the next 1300 years, the Empire continued to flourish and grow. New technologies were introduced for the betterment of the Empire as well as for the Empire’s ships and weapons. Among the many advances of the Empire was the creation of a new singularity drive, a system capable of harnessing the power of a micro black hole. While not as powerful as the DAMIWE system the NUG developed many years ago, the singularity drive produced more than enough power to be used in the energy weapons of the Imperial ships. The shields of the vessels were reinforced, strengthening them against a multitude of weapons once used by the NUG. Developers created a point defense system for use against missiles and enhanced the armor plating to defend against kinetic weapons such as artillery and railguns. Ground combat equipment saw the development of power armor suits using projectile guns and launchers as well as non-lethal methods. Warp drive development had given way to a new type of faster-than-light drive system: The Fold Drive. Far faster than a conventional Warp Drive, travel between planets is near instantaneous while long distance travel is rated at 1 Light-year every 6 minutes. The Fold Drive and its speed was deemed necessary once the Empire’s isolation period was over to quickly reach all the former NUG worlds in case any of them had managed to establish interstellar flight again.


The development of the Fold Drive led the Empire to quickly come across another planet that was on the far edge of their habitable zone in the system. While much cooler than Amnon, it could still be inhabited by citizens of the Empire and would reduce the ballooning population without resorting to exploring outside the star system. While many initially flocked to the planet, there were requests about terraforming the planet to make it more habitable. Unfortunately, the discovery of indigenous life that thrive in the existing environment put a permanent hold on those requests. The Empire was dedicated to the preservation of existing life after its development. Instead, it was recommended that cities be built close to the equator of the planet and resort to underground settlements for future expansion of the population. This along with laws passed on the number of children a couple could have greatly leveed that population growth until the isolation period was over.


On December 31, 3999 AD on the eve of the end of the Amnon Empire’s isolation, Pope Empress Teresa IV was informed of the edict set forth by Pope Empress Kimberly I about what to do if worlds once populated by the sinners of the past were found to still be alive and active. She ordered her fleet numbering over seven hundred ships that were being sent those worlds that anyone found are to be enslaved in the name of their God to work off the sins of their forefathers. None of the commanding officers or the crew questioned this order as everyone in the fleet has been taught what happened to those that defiled God’s creations outside of their home system. At midnight on January 1, 4000 A.D., the fleet was deployed to multiple star systems that belonged to the former NUG with a single edict: to explore and to enslave.


While 1,300 years had passed since the devastation of the NUG, the population growth of the survivors of those worlds had been slow due to the number of areas that were devastated by the reactor meltdowns and falling orbital debris. It took three to five centuries for the planets to recover from the ecological devastation. During that time, the level of development on the planets was anywhere from medieval period to industrial depending on the knowledge and remaining technology that could be salvaged. The knowledge of the New Unity Government unfortunately was a distant memory along with the faded knowledge of those on other planets or the origins from Earth. However, none of those worlds were prepared or developed the means of space flight by the time the Empire showed up at their worlds to enslave their populations. Humans and Hybrids alike on several worlds were enslaved, fitted with cybernetic implants to track and control, and forced to work in labor camps to improve the worlds that were once devastated. This included environmental cleanup and restoration of anything that related to the NUG regardless of decay. Other worlds that had little cleanup needed were instead converted to agricultural worlds that the slaves were forced to work. Anyone else not assigned to those duties were to work in mines for resources that can benefit the Empire including the construction of churches and temples. The only education the slaves received was a religious one unless it is a specialized task. While there was some in the Empire that believed this manner was a bit extreme, they realized that those enslaved sinned against God and do not deserve their mercy until their sins have been paid from hard work and repentance. Eventually, the Sol System was found and its population on Mars was subjugated as well.


Earth, long since abandoned, had changed after survey teams were sent to investigate the planet. Structures and landmarks had long since decayed from more than a millennium and a half of abandonment, and the remaining wildlife had adapted to the change in the planet’s rotation and reduced tides. Some of the slaves were relocated to Earth to restore that planet to a more natural state, though it was still not suitable for Human or Hybrid life in the long term. In the former cities of Rome, Jerusalem, and Mecca, Imperial-style monuments were erected to signify the importance of those locations to the Amnon Faith. Some researchers, knowing that the ancient moon of Luna had disappeared in that system, scanned for any possible trace of the wormhole that took it away. At that time, no trace of the wormhole could be detected. After a while, the survey ships were recalled back to base and no further scans were taken in the Sol System for the wormhole. After all the worlds of the former NUG were now a part of the Amnon Empire, the Pope Empress Teresa IV wanted to look out towards other star systems for former NUG worlds that were not documented in ancient Imperial records that have yet to be found. She ordered ships to perform expeditions to neighboring regions of space, but no such worlds were found. However, she ordered the ships to continue exploring other star systems for any possible threats to the Empire while at the same time looking for worlds to colonize.


Over the next millennium, the Amnon Empire continued to grow in territory and population now numbering in a few trillion citizens, the former restrictions on birth rates long since lifted. While the number of slaves was regulated when they were first found, their numbers grew via breeding programs in proportion to the number of citizens to accommodate them and to work remedial tasks on other worlds. By the end of the next millennium, the Amnon Empire had expanded to encompass nearly one thousand individual star systems without showing signs of stopping. On January 1, 5000 AD on the anniversary of the day that the sinners were “enlightened” by the Empire, the Cardinal Council and Pope Emperor Peter II decided to test the knowledge of those slaves who know the history and the rituals of the Amnon Faith. Those that pass with a perfect score would be deemed faithful, their sins forgiven, and would be released from bondage with all the rights of a free citizen along with their immediate family. They would receive proper education to be full-fledge citizens to contribute to the prosperity of the Empire. Those that do not pass it perfectly will have to remain as slaves and continue their tasks such as farming, mining, construction, and as servants to those of higher stature until the next test. Initially, the Cardinal Council and the Pope Emperor was looking at 250 years until the next test would be performed. However, out of all the slaves that took the test, only 9 percent managed to make a perfect score. While those that passed were freed as promised and became full citizens along with their immediate families and later descendants, it was decided due to the low percentage of those that passed to wait another 1000 years before performing the test again as the sins of the slaves had not been fully paid yet, nor did it look like those that remain have fully embraced the Faith. However, those slave holders that feel that their slaves are ready for the tests were given the liberty to recommend them to take the test out of their holder’s personal mercy. This was still rare over the next few centuries, but those that take the test have since passed perfectly.


On June 4, 5403 A.D., an observational outpost on the edge of known Imperial space had detected signs of a wormhole a few Light-years away in the direction of the galactic edge of the galaxy. An Imperial vessel was sent to investigate, but the wormhole had mostly disappeared before the vessel arrived at its location, leaving a fading singularity point. The ship deployed a stasis field around the singularity that remained to keep it from fully closing. Unlike the disappearance of Luna or the hybrid colony vessel where scanning equipment was not as sophisticated nor when the Empire tried to scan the Sol System more than a thousand years later, Imperial scanners were now developed to the point that the properties of the wormhole such as the particles and quantum singularity signature were able to be detected and recorded. On a hunch that there was a possibility that residual traces of both might be found where Luna at least would have disappeared, another survey team was sent back to Sol with more sophisticated equipment to scan for both. Unlike before, they also took account of the galactic drift where the position of the wormhole would not be in the same location after less than three thousand years ago. Once they determined its location, they performed a scan of the area. The survey team confirmed a match.


Now knowing that someone or something was either using the crystals to create more wormholes or created the crystals in the first place and planting them, the Empire was quick to find a way to replicate this process artificially for their use or to find a means to track the wormholes to their source. After nearly 30 years of research and development, they were able to develop the means to reopen the more recent wormhole that remained in stasis as the other two were too old and degraded to utilize. By establishing a “gate” of sorts, graviton particle energy was force-fed into the location of the aperture, resulting in the wormhole being strengthen and reopened. Carrying equipment to stabilize the opposite end of the wormhole, a fleet of ships went through and began to construct a gate at the opposite end of the wormhole. Once established, the wormhole was now stable, and transit was now possible into an unknown region of space.


This new region of space was a remote star cluster and they were in a system on the edge of the cluster. While exploration and investigation of this cluster could be swift, the current Pope Empress Linda I erred on the side of caution. Someone was able to transport themselves across a vast amount of space to a remote star cluster and was able to create wormholes to make that happen. Also, there was the possibility that Luna and that ancient colony ship of Hybrids were in this cluster as well. If they were and they had flourished, they had more than 3,000 years to develop their own societies and ideologies, both of which are dangerous to the Amnon Faith and the Empire. There was also the premise that their disappearance was an act by God. If there was someone else involved, it would unravel one of the core beliefs of their Faith. Pope Empress Linda I meditated on how to explain this development to the Empire after ordering her forces to create a permanent station in the system that they now call “Access” for lack of a better term. After a few hours, she had the answer to her question. God was still responsible for their disappearance to punish the sinful Humanity through an intermediary and those that now reside in the star cluster were forced to work off their sins away from their ancestral home. It was not known whether they too have managed to become religious or not in their isolation, but it they weren’t or if their religion or religions were an affront to the teachings of the Amnon Empire, it meant that they were still living in sin. The Amnon Empire’s presence in the star cluster was God’s way of bringing his Word to those sinners. This would also allow those in the star cluster to return to the Milky Way once they were redeemed in the righteous faith of the Amnon. As for those who made the crystals, while they were an instrument of God to punish Humanity, their presence in the Milky Way meant that the “jailer” was looking to escape their duties of containing the sinners God had been locked away in the jail that is the star cluster. The jailer’s dereliction of duty needed to be punished and the Amnon Empire would be responsible for bringing that punishment while taking over the duties as “warden” of the jail. Strengthened with this newfound resolve, she ordered her forces to begin slowly but cautiously exploring this new star cluster. Their mission: to find and punish those that were abandoning their duties as the “jailer” of sinners, and to enslave the descendants of those sinners that disappeared that threaten the Amnon way of life.

-End of File from Bilartini android.


Despite not having any aggressive adversary with the same or greater strength that the Empire’s to fight, the Amnon Empire knew that to maintain control and superiority over their slaves, they must remain a technologically superior force in their part of the Milky Way Galaxy. To prevent any slaves from learning the workings and specifications of the holy technology, no slaves are allowed on any military vessel. Instead, the vessels are maintained by skilled technicians of the Amnon Faith.


When compared to the technology of the United Systems of the Novus Initium Federation, there are both advantages and disadvantages the Empire has over the Federation. While the states of the Federation has used various power sources in their ships such as fusion, nuclear, solar, and matter-antimatter reactors, the Empire is the first among all known Human and Animal/Hybrid nations to utilize a singularity core that is visually seen on the outside of their ships. These cores are created by using a zero-point generator upon the vessel’s initial startup. They are then maintained and harvested using a combination of stasis beams which hold the singularity in place and extractors that extrapolate the particles that are generated by the singularity. These particles are used to power the ship’s engines, Fold Drive, weapons, shields, and power reactors. In terms of output the singularity core produces marginally less power than other power sources. Because of this lower output, Imperial vessels possess fewer energy-based weapons than Federation vessels, though this fact was not known or considered at the time of the Imperial ships’ development. This also results in slower propulsion during combat as more particles are diverted to the vessel’s weapons and shields.


Despite having fewer turrets than many of the Federation counterparts, Imperial turrets have two distinct advantages. The first is that when they are deployed, the turrets are not physically mounted to the hull. Instead, they are held by tractor beams that also feed power to the turrets. The power supplied to the turrets is visible to the naked eye as a red beam. Because they are not affixed to physical mounts, the turrets can quickly track ships from frigates to battleships with a weapon energy output like those on battleships. The turrets possess five barrels each and utilize two firing modes with those barrels. The primary central barrel is used during standard operations as a mid- to long-range single beam in engagements that involve distance or with large targets. The four smaller barrels that surround the central barrel fire low-power short-range rapid-fire beams to screen the vessel from attacks and to quickly damage enemy vessels in close quarters combat.

Of the three known designs used by the Holy Amnon Empire, the Jerusalem-Class Dreadnought, named after the most important city of all three of the Empire's base religions, is by far the largest and most lethal of the Empire's ships. Measuring at 2,000 meters in length, the vessel is also the slowest of the three vessels. It is equipped with 48 particle cannon turrets and 8 forward firing torpedo tubes. Powering the vessel is a massive singularity core that is twice the size of cores found on other vessels. Because of the size of the core, the four sections that surround the core are further apart than normal. In an emergency where the core's containment is about to fail, the four sections can physically detach and move away to safety. However, the central section would be lost in such a loss of containment. Assignment to the Jerusalem Dreadnoughts is the high point of a career officer's years of achievements. Only the most experienced of personnel are allowed on board. This prestige is merited as they also play host to VIP's such as high priests, planetary governors, and the Pope Emperor/Empress themselves if their duty calls them away from the holy capital of Amnon.

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