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Deimos Cruiser

In carrying on with the look and feel of the Taranis-class Destroyer that preceded it during the initial design and construction stage, the Imperial ship designers were quick to design a new cruiser-type vessel for use against similar vessels such as the Royal Navy’s Impaler-class Cruiser after their initial confrontation. Their entry was known as the Deimos-class Cruiser and shared a similar look and feel to the Taranis. The ship is no less lethal thanks to the Camino-system interlink that allows one person to assume control of half of the ship’s systems and capabilities. This gives the “pilot” the ability to respond to threats all around the ship quickly and effectively. This includes managing the ship’s shields and nanocell armor repair system and knowing when to manage their power needs. This also includes the ship’s cloaking device when it comes to more covert operations. The pilot also has full control of the weapons systems in order to effectively engage enemy targets. The Deimos was more specialized to engage other cruisers while leaving destroyers to the Taranis Destroyers. This is apparent in the arsenal that the Deimos is given as the cruiser is equipped with 11 dual medium railguns for long range assaults and 18 medium blaster cannons for close to medium range combat. Unlike the Taranis, the Deimos does not come equipped with a large bore blaster cannon as the ship does not have the maneuverability of the Taranis due to its larger size to aim such a weapon effectively. There are fewer of these the cruisers compared to the destroyers, though the ratio of destroyers to cruisers is 2:1. Since the current line of Deimos-class Cruisers were deployed after the battle with the Royal Navy, these ships had not been tested in battle until the First Interstellar War. Their effectiveness against the Royal Navy's Impalers was proven during the war much to the joy of the designers. However, in the advent of the war, it was becoming increasingly clear that the Deimos lacked some versatility leading to the eventual refit that saw it include missile launchers initially provided by the United Vitam State. Currently this ship is assigned to patrol duties along with a couple of Taranis Destroyers and serves as an additional escort craft for the Kronos and later Kronos II battleships.

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