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Cerberus Cruiser

Knowing that the Kingdom would most likely commit its Impaler-class Cruiser once they found the State, the State ship engineers designed and created what they conceived as a great deterrent in anti-cruiser combat. Naming it the Cerberus-class Cruiser, the ship uses the modular design introduced on the Raptor-class Destroyers to save on time and maintenance while at the same time adding components for use against a wide array of targets. Against enemy frigates and destroyers, the Cerberus is armed with 57 light missile launchers, causing many to call this ship the “destroyer killer.” However, the Cerberus was primarily designed to fight other cruisers with its 16 heavy missile launchers. The missiles for those launchers can also be used to engage larger craft such as battleships, a tactic more effective with two or more Cerberus engaging said battleships. This makes the Cerberus a rather invaluable ship as it can be deployed against such a wide array of targets. However, there is still one set of launchers available to the Cerberus. The ship is equipped with 10 vertical cruise missile launchers with high-yield warheads designed specifically for use against battleships and any other large target such as Royal Navy logistical craft which help to rearm the enemy ships. After the issues the State engineers had worked out with the Golem battleship, the Cerberus is also equipped with shield “hardeners” that gave the shields better resistances to the multitude of different rounds used by the Royal Navy strengthening its defenses.  All of the launchers do not have to be facing their targets either as the weapons can change direction once in flight. The Cerberus’ roles aside from front line combat include border defense as well as serving as the command vessel of a small squad of Raptors. Royal Navy ship commanders that have survived combat with a Cerberus before the First Interstellar War have stated that the ship is a “beast” and dread the day they have to face another one like it again.

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