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Sacrilege Battlecruiser

While the Omen-class Battlecruiser on its own is an impressive ship with impressive firepower, the Lykans could not resist testing experimental weaponry based on another piece of salvaged technology: missile launchers from the United Vitam State. Before the NIR and the Empire entered the war, the former Kingdom and the State had been at war with each other for decades with each side trading blows in battle. During those battles when the State had lost, some of its ships were salvaged by the Kingdom to analyze and find weaknesses. However, the technology of the State was essentially the same as the Kingdom and thus nothing came of the research that would not affect their own ships. Some missile launchers however where found still intact and researchers had long since analyzed them and the missile payloads for both weaknesses, countermeasures, and possible implementation on Kingdom ships. However, funding for the research at the time was put on hold and put towards other more promising projects. The launchers were brought out of mothballs when the Holy Lykan Republic was born when new ships with new technologies were being developed. The missile launchers were reverse-engineered as were the missiles and soon several Omens were used as testbeds for the newly developed launchers. These variants were given the codename of "Sacrilege" due to it being an "unorthodox" version of the Omen. While the defenses of the Sacrilege were the exact same as the Omen, the weapons were all changed out for the new launchers. The 12 650mm four-barrel artillery cannons were replaced with 12 heavy missile launchers designed for anti-cruiser battle while the 38 220mm dual autocannons were replaced with 38 light missile launchers for anti-destroyer and anti-frigate combat. While the missiles were slow compared to the quick and hard-hitting projectile cannons, the destructive force and self-flight capabilities meant the missiles will always hit their marks for the duration of their flight time. When it was found that the State and Empire both fielded EM warheads for their missile launchers, the Lykans were quick to follow suit with their own variant of the warheads to complement the EMP rounds found on standard Lykan ships. When the Sacrilege was introduced, the United Vitam State was livid of the fact that their launchers were being built and used by the Lykans. However, the Lykans were quick to point out that the launchers were salvaged from wrecks left behind during the war and that the State has no room to quarrel after what was developed due to their abandonment of their technology. This matter has still not set well with the State, adding further hostility in the current cold-war between the two nations.

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