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Mammoth Dreadnought

The pinnacle of current Tenebris Dominion military technology, the Mammoth-Class Dreadnought is currently the largest most heavily armed vessel in the known star cluster. Measuring at 3,977 meters (2.6 times bigger than the Novus Initium Republic’s Paladin-Class Battleship), the ship is a jack-of-all-trades vessel capable of fulfilling multiple roles both on and off the battlefield. For the role as a carrier, the Mammoth has 12 launch bays to deploy its complement of 144 fighters and bombers rapidly for use against small targets or roles where the dreadnought has a hard time fulfilling due to its size. As a mobile command center, the Mammoth possesses a dedicated command center separate of the bridge to coordinate fighter, fleet, and ground forces in attack, defense, and support roles.

The roles where the Mammoth shines the most (or darkens the most according to detractors) is orbital bombardment and anti-fleet combat where the dreadnought’s numerous heavy arsenal comes into play. Unlike the Draco Federation, the Dominion utilizes traditional turrets and launchers for their weapons. The heavy mega particle beam cannon, the Mammoth’s primary weapon, is located within the bow of the vessel. The bow section splits apart along the horizontal axis to reveal the weapon. The destructive force behind the particle beam is enough to destroy any vessel with weak to no shields in a single shot, regardless of how thick the armor is. However, other particle beam weapons are disabled when the heavy mega particle beam cannon is charged and firing. Despite this, the weapon still takes several minutes to charge and fire between shots. The Mammoth also possesses four medium mega particle cannons mounted on the front of each of the four weapon pods mounted on the midsection which either supplement or work independently from the heavy mega particle beam cannon should the dreadnought not need as much destructive force. There are also twelve light mega particle beam cannons pointing aft mounted in pairs on the ship's canisters between the engines and the midsection. Rounding out the remaining particle beam weapons are ten heavy eight-barrel particle cannon turrets and forty-eight quad-barrel particle cannon turrets. Powering all the particle beam weapons is a massive particle engine and reactor located between the engines in the aft section of the ship. Particles created by the reactor fill up the canisters located under the light mega particle beam cannons.

The particle cannons are not the only weapons the Mammoth is capable of using. Rounding out its arsenal are two hundred fifty-two forward firing torpedo launchers, ninety-six aft firing torpedo tubes, a massive number of vertical missile launchers that are too many to count, and lastly several point defense guns all over the ship for anti-missile and anti-fighter defense.

The only defense the Mammoth possesses is a very powerful shield system. While it lacks the shield boosting capabilities of the Novus Initium Republic, the ship uses shield resistors that can strengthen the shields against certain types of damage, thus buffering and reducing the damage the shields take. Currently, it can only buffer against thermal and kinetic weapons of which the particle weapons of the Federation primarily use. This had led to the Dominion’s initial gains against Federation star systems until the recent introduction of the Federation’s Hel-Class Supercarriers and Naglfar-Class Dreadnoughts that are capable of going toe-to-toe with the Mammoth.

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