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Many of the base capabilities of the Zealot, the Mandate’s laser turret version of the Holy Lykan Republic’s Omen Battlecruiser, remain the same when the Mandate started to produce the ships. The parts that are different is the number of laser turrets found on the ship. The Zealot is by far the most heavily armed vessel in anti-cruiser and anti-battlecruiser combat among all the currently known nations. It has a total of 24 medium laser cannons for anti-cruiser and anti-battlecruiser combat and 76 light laser turrets meant for anti-frigate and anti-destroyer combat. The Zealot can bring up to 12 of the medium guns to bear on a target regardless if it is in front, on the sides, above, or below. The only area where it can bring the fewest medium laser turrets is directly aft with only 4. The light laser turrets are a different story by comparison as the ship can target anything above, below, and to the sides with up to 26 laser turrets. The front is covered with up to 12 laser turrets, but the back is covered with 16 with the 4 rear mounted turrets. These ships are the second largest in number in the Mandate with up to 50 vessels currently, a far cry in number compared to three to four times that number among the Holy Lykan Republic’s fleet. These numbers are not due to resource issues but rather the number of Mandate citizens found in their military due to their small population count compared to other nations.

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