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Crusader Destroyer

The Crusader-class Destroyer is the smallest of Horribilis Industries' three initial hulls that were introduced in 5400 A.D. and was the most numerous at the time before the introduction of the Sentinel-class Frigates. It is also the fastest destroyer possessing 5 engines on a rather small frame. The ship is equipped with 22 small dual beam laser turrets, the most ever placed on a destroyer in the history of the Republic. However, between the power supply, the capacitors, the cargo storage, crew quarters and stations, and other required equipment, the sensors and communications equipment could not fit within the hull. To compensate for this, two “spikes” protrude from the back of the craft near the engines. While this does look a bit unsightly and not to mention leave them exposed to attack, the armor of the spikes is just as thick and durable as the rest of the ship. The ship’s armor is made of 400mm layered steel plates making it a rather tough vessel for its size provided the opponents have managed to get past the ship’s shields. Crusaders are assigned to a large variety of roles due to their size and their ability to quickly be deployed to the task they are given. Because of the number of destroyers that are deployed, it was decided that the lowest rank to command a destroyer will be Commander rather than a Captain due to how many there are at that rank versus the higher ranks. In the past, the rank of Lieutenant Commander was the lowest rank to command a destroyer. This has since changed after the introduction of the new Sentinel-Class Frigates after the Yintaka Conflict and the restructuring of the commanding officer requirements for ships. Also, because of their numbers, the destroyers are usually known by number than given a proper name. However, the crew if they so choose can give a nickname for the ship as part of an internal lingo for the crew. However, the nickname cannot be used when referring the ship in official communications with higher ranking officers.

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