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After Tenebris Dominion lost to the Novus Initium Republic after a surprise attack on the Republic Capital of Luminaire along with the unauthorized assassination of Armani Draco, the Dominion's head-of-state, many of the Mammoth-Class Dreadnoughts found their way into the hands of the Novus Initium Republic. After studying the Portal Drives and solar particle generators on board which were later upgraded and miniaturized for use on the Enforcer Battleships and Paladin II refits, plans were in the works to recycle them into the Enforcer Battleships that would become the symbol of unity for the star cluster. However, there were several hundred dreadnoughts built by the former Dominion's war machine that an alternative option was decided with that number of dreadnoughts. Called the Paramount Plan by Republic engineers, the plan was to provide the same upgrades to the particle generators and the Portal Drive. It was also decided to do a combination of removing a weakness and reducing the armament by removing the vertical missile launchers found on the midsection of the main body, retaining only those on the exterior sections. The additional room allowed the vessel to house the reactors and equipment to give the dreadnought the shield boosting and armor repairer systems found on Republic vessels, increasing the dreadnought's endurance in combat. While the particle cannons fall in line with the Republic's policies on little to no waste for weapon usage, the missile launchers and torpedo tubes were a violation of that policy. However, the vessel was allowed to be an exception due to it not being originally a Republic design. This would no longer apply after the creation of the United Systems of the Novus Initium Federation.

While only one vessel was completed by the time of the founding of the Federation, more would soon join it after the first vessel received the new paint scheme of the Federation. A third of all Mammoths were converted to Paramounts with the remaining vessels being recycled as Enforcer Battleships and new Portal Drive star gates for use in the Union State and later explored systems.

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