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Stabber Destroyer

Of the three ship types used by the Royal Navy to help maintain control of its territory, the Stabber-class Destroyer was the most numerous of the three vessels as well as the smallest. The Stabber’s design had been around for numerous centuries since the Royal Lykan Kingdom took to the stars. Prior to the battle against the Camino Star Empire and the Slave Revolt, the Stabber was undefeated in battle against other races found in the Eastern Region, including the Vitams when they were first discovered. However, after the battle with Imperial forces and the Slave Revolt, there were many who questioned about whether the design of the Stabber was in need of an upgrade. While there were those that were looking into the matter, the ship was still deployed to fight against the United Vitam State ships and while suffering losses, there had not been any time or resources that were devoted toward a new design. Aside from the ship’s shield system, the Stabber’s armaments were still impressive for a vessel of its size. It was equipped with 36 280mm twin artillery cannons for use against long range targets. For short to medium range, the ship packed 26 125mm twin gatling autocannons. To add more kick at extreme long ranges or for orbital bombardment, the Stabber also had two 800mm heavy artillery cannons but these weapons are forward firing only and only had a few rounds. Aside from the ranges of the guns, the only other weakness the Stabber had was the amount of ammo on the battlefield. Prolonged engagements where the ship was using almost all of its guns would cause the Stabber to run out of ammo after a while. Once it ran out of ammo, the Stabber was nothing more than a sitting target and had to retreat to the nearest base or logistical craft in order to resupply its ammunition. The State was aware of this issue so if it could not outright destroy a Stabber, it attempted to waste its firepower through a war of attrition. The role of the Stabber was anti-destroyer support as well as border patrol to keep State ships from trying to invade Kingdom territory.

After the First Interstellar War, the Royal Lykan Kingdom was reformed into the Holy Lykan Republic after the destruction of the orbital city of High Charity and the death of their corrupt king. During this transition, the Stabbers were redesigned and rebuilt into the Punisher-class Destroyers based on components from the prototype Harbinger that was developed near the end of the war. While the additional components and capabilities were new, it meant that the Punisher remained in the same numbers in the Holy Lykan Navy as the Stabber did in the Royal Navy.

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