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Warring Factions:
Alternate Timeline Saga

Set in the years of the Galactic Era Calendar, Humanity has taken to space after the lost of two-thirds of its population from the nuclear World War 3 and following Second Ice Age. After a conflict with genetically enhanced Humans of their own creation, Humanity first encountered the Liekans and assisted them in their war with the Dexigalians when both races reached the Sol System. They both soon disappeared from Sol for months with no word. After finding a working Fold Drive and patching a "backdoor" code in technology the Liekans had given them, Humanity set out among the stars, only to discovered the ruthless nature of both aliens towards other races. Joining with those that were oppressed, a coalition was formed and pushed the invaders back to their nations ending the First Interstellar War.

It is now Year 72 of the Galactic Era Calender, and the United Systems of the Federation born from the coalition prospers in peace for almost 20 years. However, questions remain. Where did the technology Humanity used to win the war come from and what has the old enemies of the Federation been doing in silence for the past 20 years?

This is a remake of the Alternate Timeline stories that began in 2007 and ended in 2015. This remake includes different characters, ships, technology, some nations, and will have a different ending.

Ship Designs

The following are designs that are used in the Alternate Timeline Remake Saga. I will be adding more to the list as the stories progress. The top entry to each faction will contain some backstory as well as information on the technology that faction uses. Note that some spoilers will be present in the information if you haven't read any of the stories yet. More coming soon.

Grand Alliance of Imperial Nations
ATR Designs


The following are stories of the entire Alternate Timeline Saga divided into "Parts." Each part is a chapter of the complete story and each one is linked to a PDF for you to read. I hope you enjoy reading these, but please remember that these stories are my own creation and are for non-profit purposes.

Heading 2

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